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5 GOOGLE ADSENSE TERMS THAT YOU MUST KNOW - If you are going to start to become a Google Adsense publisher, maybe you are still a little confused by the term or abbreviation of the words found on the Google Adsense keyboard. Therefore it is very necessary to understand and recognize the term google in the adsense in order to find out the developments and restrictions on google adsense.

Google adsense is still very popular with publishers, especially in bloggers, because the offer given is indeed quite large and the display of relevant ads. So it's no wonder that many adsense publishers earn up to hundreds of millions, but still what they achieve is not instant and to get all of that requires effort and patience.

The policy implemented by Google Adsense is not easy for you to become a publisher, so if you still have not been lucky when registering to become a Google Adsense publisher, it never hurts to be able to know and get to know the terms in Google Adsense. The most important thing is not to be easily discouraged and give up to keep trying.

Get to know the 5 terms in Google Adsense that you should know

If you start to pursue and find out about adsense, surely you often hear the words CPC, CTR, RPM and others, this is an abbreviation word contained in google adsense, it is important to know that the word is a term that you should know as an adsense publisher.

Here are 5 Google Adsense Terms that you should know, see carefully:

1. CPC (Cost Per Click)

CPC is the abbreviation word and has an abbreviation of Cost Per Click which is defined or has the term Indonesian abbreviation BPK (Cost Per Click). So the term CPC is defined as the value of the cost per click.

For each ad that is installed on a blog or website has a different amount of cost, this is based on the advertiser. Each ad unit will display ads that are relevant or in accordance with the content of the blog or website, this factor can also affect the size of the CPC.

2. RPM (Revenue Per Thoushand Impression)

RPM has a Revenue Per Thoushand Impression extension, which is an average estimated value of 1,000 page views. The value of the RPM is not the result you actually get. The amount of the RPM value is obtained from the estimated income value divided by the number of page views at 1000 times.

RPM Value = (Estimated Income / Page Views) x 1000

If it is known, my estimated income is IDR 12.34 with a page 53 display
(12.34 / 53) x 1000 = 232.83
The value of RPM = 232.83

3. CTR (Click Through Ratio)

CTR (Click Through Ratio) is the percentage of the number of results click on an ad divided by adverts.

I get the results of clicking ads as much as 2 with page 53, then the percentage of CTR
Page CTR = number of clicks / pageviews
2/53 = 0.37%

By knowing the number of CTRs you can optimize the placement of more relevant ad units. The percentage of CTR that reaches 10% and above is considered to be out of balance with the number of clicks and page views, it can also be categorized as unnatural which is at risk of banned adsense.

4. CPM (Cost Per Mille)

CPM or in Indonesian language terms BPS (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), meaning that adsense publishers will get paid from calculations per 1000 impressions of a blog or website. CPM is the result of payment of the number of ads that air.

Placement of ad units that can be easily seen is one of the factors that can increase the amount of CPM revenue.

5. Balance

Balance is the amount of the last adsense revenue from the yield for one month. The balance will be filled in automatically at the beginning of the month.

Here are 5 terms in google adsense that you should know, if you have questions or feedback about this, please use comments or contact from admin in the menu below, hopefully it can be useful.

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